The Story behind making a (Special) Garment 


And this is just the beginning.


Cotton's just gotten a 21st Century upgrade.  Welcome to the future of fashion and nanotechnology.  Kelby and Co. offer stylish men’s shirts and jackets with a game changer – an invisible shield engineered to repel spills and resist stains.  Using Dropel Fabrics enhanced technology, we are the only company on the market to offer nanotechnology and natural fabrics in one package.  Our designs are made of 100% premium cotton and have the plush, soft hand feel we expect from well-crafted apparel.  Total comfort is integral to the Kelby and Co. vision.  A splash or a spill no longer ruins your day. Kelby and Co. have you covered.


The Team Behind Kelby & Co.



Sim was introduced to the garment industry as a child and it has been a lifelong passion for him ever since. He's produced apparel for retailers all over the world for over 10 years. Understanding that customers wanted more from their garments, he started experimenting with innovative textiles and discovered water and stain repellent fabrics (hydrophobic).  Outside of the office, he can be found playing basketball, traveling and playing fetch with his puppy, Oni in Central Park.  Sim once got coffee spilled on him by David Bowie, which was a thrill, but also a bit awkward.


Brad is a non-stop innovator with a passion for building businesses that offer new solutions. He began his career in corporate consulting, but found his strength and home not so long afterwards in the startup industry. His career spans marketing, project management, and strategy consulting. He co-founded Petstablished, a provider of management software to animal welfare organizations. He's an avid traveler with an adventurous nature. His worst fear is staining his lucky (white) New York Giants jersey.