What’s the Kelby and Co. Difference?

Cotton just got an upgrade for the 21st century. Our garments give you the ability to rinse off red wine with a spritz of water, leaving no trace of the stain.  Or the calm feeling you'll have knowing that the shirt you just doused with coffee will still be crisp and clean when you arrive at work.

We offer stylish men’s shirts and jackets with a game changer – an invisible shield engineered to repel spills and resist stains. Our designs are made of 100% premium cotton and have the plush, soft hand feel we expect from well-made apparel.


Who is Dropel Fabrics

Dropel Fabrics, our primary textile source, is the world’s first hydrophobic cotton textile supplier. Using nanotechnology Dropel has created water and stain repellent fabrics made of premium 100% cotton that maintain hand feel and breathability.  

We collaborated to engineer signature fabrics’ exclusive for Kelby and Co.


How long does it stay hydrophobic?

In order to extend the hydrophobic capabilities of our apparel, avoid dry-cleaning, and bleaching.

To answer this precisely, we are still conducting tests. Your feedback is appreciated. Email us at 


How does it actually work?

Our collection is made with an invisible microscopic layer encapsulating the cotton fibers. This forms a protective coating that repels liquids. Most water based liquid molecules will not be able to penetrate this pressure-based layer. If any residual liquid remains, a small amount of water applied immediately will wash it away.


Can you dry clean?

We are still researching ways to make our product better. Stay tuned and please avoid it.


If the shirt resists stains, will I need to wash it?

Our hydrophobic nanotechnology will repel water-based liquids. It’s still susceptible to dirt and oil-based stains. Hot liquids may result in increased staining.


How does hydrophobic nanotechnology affect breathability and softness?

Using Dropel Fabrics, we have designed our products in such a way that they look and feel exactly like normal cotton. The material characteristics (breathability and softness) of the fabric are not affected.


Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Please refer to our shipping & return policy

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