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International Market
Sunray Group places strong emphasis on mutual cooperation and strategic business partner relationship with
different research institutions and corporations in order to explore mutual developments and benefits and to
achieve synergies in the medical business. Through the cooperation in technology, product and capital, Sunray
and its strategic alliances are able to raise the standard of R&D, production and services of medical apparatus to
be provided to customers and eventually increase the market for our products.
Moreover, Sunray is exposed to new technologies in the field of biomedical engineering through active
communication with from foreign business partners. Business established in China, Sunray Group operates
internationally and provides products and services of international quality and standard. Since 2001, Sunray has
formed a division for international export and started to marketing products to foreign customers. Presently, the
group has distributed products to over 90 countries in South-east Asia, USA, Europe, Middle East, Latin America
and Africa.