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Company Culture
At Sunray, an organizational platform was built to explore the employee's motivation and to increase member's potential 
energy in particular areas. The principles around
human resources are: respect the individual;
respect the personality and respect the team-work spirit. 
For better developing the work force, Sunray has set up a systematic employee training organization to
take care of the member's professional continuous education. Based on the three rules "Concern and
Care", "Encourage and Educate" and "Performance Evaluation", Sunray has a successful employee
evaluation system which increases the efficiency and team quality continuously. 
The Sunray people have faith in their core value system which could be summarized as "Quality is
the foundation; Customer is the master; Innovation is the way to enterprise; Trust is build through
collaboration; Implementation is more than a word". Step by step, Sunray creates more and more
top-quality and first class medical device to achieve the dream of a healthy lifetime for human beings.